vRO F5 Plugin – Pools Not In Common Partition Not Shown


I’ve been working with vRO F5 plugin recently and found an interesting behaviour that I would like to share. In this blog post, it will be discussing:

  1. Environment
  2. Task
  3. Interesting Behaviour
  4. Wrap-Up


The following is the list of products with versions I used:

  1. vRealize Orchestrator version 5.5
  2. F5 version 11.5.2
  3. F5 vRO plugin version 2.0.1


The task I tried to achieve with the F5 vRO plugin is to:

  1. Attach LTM server from vRO
  2. Create a pool under a partition called “Production”
  3. Add a member under the pool created
  4. Delete the pool

And the list of built in workflows attached below:


First of all, I tried to attach LTM server by running “Attach LTM” workflow:


F5 plugin version 1.x.x uses SOAP API and from 2.0.0, they introduced a new support for REST API. As I wanted to stick to SOAP API, I’ve set false to REST API flag and clicked Submit.

As per the task above, second step was to create a pool under Production partition. Running the “Create Pool” workflow, inputs required were:

  1. LTM Instance
  2. Name for pool
  3. Method

As shown below, there was no input to specify which partition I wanted to create a pool in:


Wanted to check which partition the pool goes into. Executed the workflow with the attached LTM server giving a name “StevenTest”.

Looking at the Logs tab:


And the F5 Pools List page:


As expected, it was created under Common partition. How could I add a pool under Production partition? One thing came up in my mind was, what would happen if I give the full path i.e. /Production/StevenTest as the name. This time, for the name, I used /Production/StevenTest1:


Wallah, it worked! The pool was created under Production partition:


On the pool I created, I executed “Add Pool Member” workflow to add a member to it. One of the inputs was LTM Pool. Clicked on it and found out that I couldn’t see /Production/StevenTest1 pool:

Screenshot 2015-04-20 17.46.35


So by the look of it, only pools in Common partition could be found. Why is this the case?

Interesting Behaviour

I was looking at all API calls, blog posts from F5, literally everything I could but there was no luck to fix this issue. Then I realised that would this still be the case if I use REST API instead of SOAP API? I gave it a go, detached the LTM server and attached it again enabling REST API:



Once done, I navigated to Inventory Tab and expanded F5 Networks and guess what, the pool created under Production partition was there:


Ran “Add Pool Member” workflow again using port 443:



And checking the member created from Members tab on F5 interface, it was successfully made under Production path.


The final step was to delete pool. Ran “Delete a pool” workflow selecting /Production/StevenTest1 pool:


Looking at the pools list from F5 interface, it was gone:



The behaviour I found, wondering if this is a bug. Will be sending an email to F5 vRO plugin to confirm if it is the case. Otherwise, will try to get a solution or workaround. Will update this post once I get an answer from them.

Hope this was helpful and feel free to leave a message for any clarifications 😀


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